Gilly Flaherty has struggled with body image issues (PA Images)
09 March 2020

West Ham captain Gilly Flaherty says ex-England manager calling her 'fat' sparked body image issues

West Ham captain Gilly Flaherty has said a former England manager called her 'fat' when she was a teenager and ever since she has had body image issues.

While Flaherty doesn't reveal the name of the manager she has said the comment is something that will 'always stay with' her.

"I was about 16 and I was involved with England and the England manager at the time called me fat. It's something that has stayed with me, that's probably my main thing [I struggled with] when I was younger.

"Because I was young, you take it on as a bit jokey. I think now I'd say some wise words to the person. But I sat on the bike every night for about 20, 30 minutes doing fat burning sessions and it will always stay with me.

"Even when I'm looking back at pictures of me playing football I think 'do I look big in this?' I think women feel like that anyway but for someone to come at 16 and say 'you're fat', that doesn't help the cause."

Flaherty was re-sharing the story to mark yesterdays' International Women's Day.

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