Dan Ryan reveals he is 'open-minded' for what the rule change might bring
14 July 2020

Leeds Rhinos Netball head coach Dan Ryan says he’s ‘open-minded’ about the new Super Shot rule

Leeds Rhinos Netball head coach Dan Ryan has said the new Super Shot rule needs to be played in a ‘competitive environment’ before people judge whether it will work or not.

The rule will be played in Australia’s Suncorp Super Netball 2020 season which is due to begin on August 1.

The Super Shot idea has come from the Fast5 version of the game and means shooters will now have the chance to score in a designated 1.9 metre zone inside the shooting circle.

Each goal will equal two points, instead of one, but will only be activated in the last five minutes of each quarter. 

But when the rule change was announced last month it left players outraged as they felt there was ‘zero consultation’. 

Speaking about the issue, Ryan told Sky Sports podcast Off the Court: "My thoughts on it [Super Shot] have probably changed a little bit, especially when you detach the emotion away from the decision.

"From my personal perspective, I'm not sure whether the rule is needed just yet. However, I'm really open-minded as to what it might do for the game.

"The way I look at it is that there's no one involved in our sport, anywhere in the world, who can have an unemotional, objective, evidence-based opinion on whether this will work or not.

"That's because we haven't actually seen it in a competitive environment for an extended period of time. It's only once we have, will we be able to see whether Super Shot improves the game or whether it brings it down."

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